Next-gen two-way communication drives business productivity

Instant, two-way communication has been popular since ‘walkie-talkies’ proved their value during the second world war. Technology has evolved since then, but what has remained constant are the needs of two-way radio users for secure group messaging, instant voice, and high quality coverage with superior audio clarity.

Today, advances in technology have propelled two-way communication towards push-to-talk solutions that allow mobile workforces to work more efficiently, lifting productivity for businesses by saving them time and money.

Push-to-talk solutions, or PTT solutions as they are known, are a method of one-touch communication between two or more devices that operate over a broadband network, giving users walkie talk-like functionality on almost any mobile device without the limitations of traditional land mobile radio such as coverage and limited data capabilities.

Instead, by integrating land mobile radio functionality into a broadband environment, PTT solutions offer businesses high-speed data capability, greater voice quality and unprecedented coverage with less capital investment. Because they operate on fully IP (internet protocol) compliant platforms, PTT solutions are easily integrated into existing enterprise systems and devices to achieve further efficiencies.

While a number of companies offer PTT, JNB Electronics’ Rapid™ PTT solution was designed and built on the revolutionary Australian owned and operated Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®).

JNB Electronics is one of Australia’s longest serving communications technology companies, with the secure communications specialist’s full-service offering including two-way communications hardware, software solutions and broadband network services.

By using IRP, JNB can provide a faster and more secure high-speed two-way voice and data service that replaces traditional professional two-way-radios with the latest in high speed IP technology.

Rapid can also be integrated into existing enterprise solutions to combine multiple devices and is suitable for use in many environments and industries including stadiums, warehouses, campuses, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, security, transportation and logistics. Benefits of the aptly named Rapid include:

  • Manage employees across multiple locations and time zones
  • Ability to customise the technology and integrate software into existing solutions
  • Instant secure voice and data group communications
  • Always on, ready to talk
  • One-to-many instant communications
  • A reliable and secure network
  • Fast and easy to implement and reduced capital investment
  • At the forefront of technology using IP and carrier technologies
  • Operable over any high speed broadband network
  • Regular updates create a future proof investment.

Rapid keeps JNB Electronics’ customers at the forefront of leveraging advances in communication technology, and it’s specifically designed to seamlessly grow and expand with our customers’ needs, future proofing their business and ensuring betters ways of operating are continuously passed on.

Secure, fast, easy to deploy and operate, with built-in customisation and upgrade features, Rapid is the next generation of instant two-way communications.

Speak to one of the JNB team to find out how Rapid can help your business become more efficient. Call 03 9465 9399, email or post your query via the Contact Us page at

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