Rapid two-way communications tailor-made for the security sector

Gathering accurate information and communicating that information reliably, quickly and securely between key teams and personnel have long been vital aspects of providing effective security services. Communication is often the key to responding appropriately to a broad range of threats in potentially dangerous and harmful situations. The security industry has traditionally relied on two-way radios for their vital communication needs, specifically on land mobile radio for voice communication. While this has served the security industry well in the past, communications technology has advanced significantly and continues to evolve.

Radio communications built on Internet Protocol (IP) now provide ‘push-to-talk’ solutions. When thoughtfully deployed, this can offer those responsible for guarding the security of property, of individuals and of the wider public more opportunities to deliver better informed security and, ultimately achieve safer environments for all involved. JNB Electronics have been at the cutting edge of these advances and continue to help our customers stay at the forefront of the newest developments easily and cost-effectively.

Instant voice communication between command centres and multiple security personnel in the field, either one-to-one or across multiple team members, should be considered a minimum, basic level of functionality for a two-way radio solution in the security sector. Beyond this, push-to-talk radio communication technology operates over the broadband network to provide reliable, secure, high speed, high quality communications across voice calls, group messaging, picture messaging and data transfer.   This enhanced quality and functionality allows security service providers to utilise the most advanced technology available in this area and maintain safety more effectively and more efficiently. It is now possible, for instance, to easily send and receive critical information instantly in a variety of formats including files and attachments such as plans, images and key documents relating to the particular security scenario at hand. For the overview and central management of security situations, Rapid provides for mapping, tracking and monitoring of units and personnel with multiple views and overlays available to enhance the effectiveness of control centre operations.

At the centre of the Rapid Solution is our own, Australian owned, Intelligent Radio Protocol®. In a security setting this provides an ‘always on’ channel of communication, allowing for all team members in a group of any size and location to constantly receive and follow communications within the group. This is not true of the majority of radio Internet Protocol systems and is particularly critical to security operations where speed of communication and any subsequent action is vital.

The security landscape is constantly changing, as is the associated communications technology. The Rapid solution is fast and easy to implement and can be customised to integrate the software with your existing systems. What’s more, the Rapid software is designed to be constantly updated and enhanced as the technology continues to develop in speed, capacity and function. This allows you to futureproof your investment in cutting edge communications and avoids the risk of today’s ‘top of the line’ systems become outdated all too soon.

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