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Since 1985, JNB has grown into a leading provider of secure communication solutions and we are proudly Australian owned and operated. Throughout our long history we have always focussed on making customer satisfaction a priority. We have kept pace with progress into the internet age as the technology around professional two-way radio has developed and we are now ideally positioned to provide our customers with the most advanced products and services to provide the highest quality secure communication solutions.

In many professional settings where effective, reliable and secure communication between team members across different locations is required in order to work safely and effectively, our customers have increasingly found that traditional two-way radio is no longer sufficient to meet their needs. Our valued customers rely on our range of products and services to deliver reliable, clear and secure communications between people in a number of different industries such as Government, Construction, Airports, Tansportation, Hospitality, Enterprise, Sports Arenas, Waste Management and Security.

IP two-way radios utilise the broadband network, this technology has been around for some time. The earlier versions of these push-to-talk or PPT solutions, however, were usually developed utilising a SIP protocol which itself was not created specifically to manage the critical needs of instant two way communications, meaning they essentially initiated a conference call structure with time-consuming set-up procedures. In response to these issues, we developed RAPID using an entirely new protocol specifically designed to address the real-world needs of two-way-radio users and improve on the performance of the existing technologies. RAPID uses IRP® (Intelligent Radio Protocol®) which means that each radio in the system is always ‘on’ and ready to send or receive instant communications shared between two individuals or thousands team members. Using the coverage and speed of RAPID will deliver high-quality communication to more than 99% of the population.

Having invested in developing the revolutionary Intelligent Radio Protocol®, JNB Electronics are also able to share the benefits with others in the industry through our licencing programs for hardware manufacturers and software developers. For truly global communications coverage, JNB Electronics also play a key role in the Iridium mobile satellite communications network as the Southern Hemisphere’s only authorised centre for warranty and repairs.

Beyond the ground-breaking speeds and coverage achievable with RAPID, JNB Electronics also provide our customers with a genuine end-to-end communications solution by providing a range of high-quality hardware including radio handsets, mobile radios and smart devices in addition to ongoing support, servicing and repairs.

As an all-Australian company who are constantly working for our customers by driving forward improvements in quality and coverage of professional two-way radio, JNB Electronics is the clear choice for your secure communication solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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