Technology Licensing Program IRP® - Intelligent Radio Protocol®

Our technology licensing program is aimed at hardware manufacturers and software applications developers interested in participating in the two-way communications over broadband market. The program is designed to significantly reduce a participant’s risk and time to market by providing a tested and proven solution in a series of modules which are easily integrated into a vendor’s hardware or used to form the core of a high-speed voice and data applications suite.

Program deliverables
  • Fully documented API’s including comprehensive user manuals
  • Access to future updates of the protocol as developed
  • Product support
  • Product customisation support


Parties interested in finding out more about the technology licensing program can make contact by writing to:

Lanyon Partners, Level 3 , 3 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell VIC 3124
Referencing the IRP® Licensing Program. c/o JNB Electronics

The Evolution of two-way Communications





Better audio



Better channel utilization

IRP<sup>®</sup> TECHNOLOGY


Broadband audio and coverage. Not spectrum limited.

IRP® Intelligent Radio Protocol®

IRP® is the underlying technology enabling the next generation of instant two-way communications. IRP® has been fully designed, developed and is supported out of Australia. The protocol was designed by industry experts to improve performance in key areas of two-way communications while overcoming challenges existing technologies such as Digital-Two-Way Radio Systems and Land Mobile Radios face.

IRP® delivers performance in the areas defined as critical requirements of any professional two-way radio communications solution.
  • One-to-many instant communications
  • Always on, no transmission set up delays
  • Instant connection
  • Low user effort required to operate, simple push to talk
  • Shared situational awareness
IRP® was created to address challenges land mobile radio (LMR) customers often face.
  • Coverage
  • Narrow band data capability
  • Narrow band voice quality
  • Device battery life
  • Spectrum limitations

A future without limits. IRP® is creating a path for two-way communications development accessible by new entrants. IRP creates the difference between the existing SIP based PTT solutions, commonly referred to as Push-To-Talk and It is intended to energise the markets by creating opportunities for new and exciting solutions, creating innovation and choice for the loyal and growing customer base.