The transportation industry, by its nature, involves communication between multiple travelling units and central command centres as a critical part of maintaining safety, efficiency and customer service. Rapid™ solutions provide for instant two-way communication anytime, anywhere, with the advanced Command and Control delivering the tools for optimised fleet management and utilisation.

  • Rapid provides controllers and managers with real-time mapping of their fleet through our Command and Control suite for the highest standards of safety, awareness and efficiency
  • Choose the functionality of voice communications, messaging and data as the situation requires
  • Stay in control with coverage of areas where traditional two-way radio systems fail
  • Communicate instantly with individual units, with groups or across organisations
  • Leverage the full potential network coverage with a powerful fixed mobile solution
  • Integrate leading-edge technology and enhanced performance into your existing set-up, with the possibility of installing our advanced applications on your vehicles’ existing communications equipment
  • Across road and rail, short haul and long haul, there is a Rapid solution to meet your needs and improve your return on investment