Efficient and cost effective two-way communications for both voice and data are often an indispensable aspect of security operations. Improving outcomes in overall safety, response times and service levels are critical concerns for any security company. Maintaining your business edge and ensuring the safety of your clients and employees is always of paramount importance. Whether your two-way communication needs relate to mobile operatives, static teams or command centre oversight and management, the advanced RapidÔ solutions allow for instant communication and a constant flow of vital information throughout your security organisation.

  • Improved communication solutions for all types of security applications
  • Instant and secure two way voice and data communication for roving and mobile patrols, static guards, alarm monitoring, property, VIP protection and traffic management
  • Rapid provides your entire team with the right tools to effectively undertake the critical roles which keep people and property safe and secure
  • Increased situational awareness ensures all key information is always available and can be shared instantly across teams of any size
  • Rapid offers true command and control communications systems, designed to ensure effective resource deployment and asset management all in real time
  • Rapid delivers an unparalleled communication experience which improves ROI while enabling increased service levels
  • A flexible communication solution, Rapid is easily scalable, cost effective to operate, simple to maintain and convenient to deploy over the air