The hospitality industry relies on effective systems of communication to provide their guests with excellent customer services and quick responses in a safe and secure environment. Whether your hospitality business is based around a single large building or is spread across multiple locations, effective communication means co-ordinating multiple teams and functions across large areas. Instant two-way communication is often required to maintain appropriate security and building management, deliver housekeeping and concierge services, manage events and respond to your guests’ needs promptly and efficiently. With Rapid™ solutions for voice and data, you can easily integrate exceptional communications into your hospitality business to improve your operations and deliver the best experience for every guest.


  • Conveniently manage all the teams that make your hospitality business thrive, communicating with individuals and groups across multiple teams and locations
  • Keep communication flowing as your guests travel between locations and reach areas where traditional two-way radio cannot provide coverage such as basements and car parks
  • The Rapid Command suite puts you in control of all your operations to improve situational awareness, asset utilisation, safety and service throughout your business locations
  • Stay in control of your budgets with cost effective Rapid solutions providing excellent value
  • Rapid solutions can be easily scaled for specific event management needs which call for peak loads, without the expense of a complex fixed system which cannot be adapted to your changing needs