Waste Management

The demands of the waste management industry often call for the kind of instant, high quality two-way communications RapidÔ solutions are capable of delivering. Across operations focussed on residential, commercial and industrial refuse, effective waste management commonly relies on myriad working teams and functions. Whether the individual tasks involved are waste collection from client premises, transport, sorting, recycling or disposal, the waste management process as a whole necessarily involves coordination of multiple mobile units, varied locations and wide geographical areas. In this context, it is clear that effective communication and fleet management are critical business considerations. Rapid delivers industry leading solutions for instant, secure and reliable two-way voice and data communications, in addition to advanced command and control capabilities.

  • Select from the functionality of voice, text, pictures and data communications to suit your needs
  • Instant and secure communication for individuals, multiple groups or the entire organisation
  • Enhanced coordination of activities across all mobile units and business locations
  • Enjoy reliable coverage in areas where traditional radio communications are challenged
  • Improve asset management and operational efficiency with the Rapid Command and Control solution’s powerful fleet management tools
  • Achieve optimum situational awareness with real-time mapping and visualisation of all units and users
  • Choose a cost effective communications solution offering excellent ROI
  • Simple and convenient to deploy with a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements