Industries We Service

Proudly serving the government and enterprise markets since 1985

Whether your needs are hardware, software, specialised vehicle upfitting, service or repair of communications equipment, JNB Electronics provides a wide array of services. With the facilities, equipment and the expertise to quickly and cost effectively service your needs.

Delivering solutions to our customers with one or more of the following requirements.

  • They require instant team or individual communications with a push of a button
  • Need to communicate over wide range of locations and structures, typically this refers to inside buildings, campus’, stadiums, large geographic areas such as city-wide or state-wide. Our solution is designed to work where our customers work
  • Providing Safety and security of personnel by ensuring communications, voice or messages can be quickly sent and received, including emergency alerts, lone work and man down alerts
  • Requiring specialised modifications and installations of communications technology in a wide range of vehicles.
  • Servicing and repairs of communications equipment, land mobile, satellite, cellular
Please contact us for more information, we’d like the opportunity to understand your specific needs and show you how we can improve your business.