Professional Land Mobile Radios or Land Mobile Radio Systems also known as Public Land Mobile Radio or Private Land Mobile Radio are systems used by either public safety organizations or commercial enterprises for primarily voice and low-level data communications on a one to one or one to many situation.

The most commonly used communication type is half duplex and performed by using a push to talk button to open the transmitter.  Professional Land Mobile Radios have evolved over time from analog to digital, under many varied protocols. These products require dedicated spectrum to operate (frequencies).  This is a finite resource and is scare, congested or unavailable in many markets today and once any given channel is occupied there’s limited options as to what can be done to provide additional capacity for continued future growth.

Whether a Professional Land Mobile Radio is analogue or digital, two-way radio users have always been consistent on what the key criteria of an effective solution must deliver.

  • One to many instant communications
  • Always on
  • Instant connection
  • Simple operation
  • Provide situational awareness

To continue to deliver on the key criteria the next generation of two-way communications is in Radio IP solutions. These enable the leap from discrete costly land mobile networks to leveraging the massive high-speed broadband networks so pervasive in today’s communications environment. But not all Radio IP solutions are created equal. Most of the solutions in the market today are built using SIP as a base, effectively this is a conference call type architecture which has some inherent limitations when deployed in an application requiring instant and reliable one to many communications.