A wide range of enterprises need to operate effectively across wide areas and multiple locations. Instant communication across disparate employees, stakeholders and mobile units is often essential in co-ordinating the appropriate response. In businesses such as sales, support, technical areas, event management and retail, high standards of safety, security and customer service are impossible to achieve without the right communication solution. Rapid™ delivers what businesses need to remain competitive with instant voice and data communications and device integration.

  • Effective team management anytime and anywhere
  • Coverage of areas traditional two-way radio solutions cannot reach
  • Simultaneous communication across all your people, teams and locations as needed
  • Consistently improved situational awareness, efficiency and safety with the power of the Rapid Command and Control solution
  • A cost effective solution which provides modern enterprises with value for money in a challenging businesses environment
  • Rapid is a flexible solution designed to suit your changing needs as economically as possible, from peak load events to periods of lower demand
  • Visual communication between individuals and groups with the functionality to take, send and receive pictures within your own secure system
  • High-speed data transfer to transmit technical details, manuals and schematics to the people who need them