How secure communications benefit customers across any industry

Since 1985, JNB Electronics have been delivering secure communications solutions to customers in a wide range of industries all of which rely on our comprehensive range of products and services to successfully and efficiently complete their everyday operations.

Traditional land based two-way radio has been under pressure for some time and many modern business users have found it does not deliver the performance and functionality they need. Push to talk, or PPT radio has evolved more recently and leverages the power, speed and coverage of the broadband networks as they constantly improve and develop. This technology can deliver clearer, more reliable and more secure voice communications and messaging between individuals and groups.

JNB Electronics have established themselves as a leading innovator in PPT solutions, having developed their own Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®) , custom-built to meet the needs of PPT users. Rapid™ is a revolutionary technology in that it was the first built around IRP and designed especially for PTT communication rather than a protocol borrowed from the telephone industry. In practical terms this means users from construction sites to highly-refined events and hospitality venues can enjoy truly instant and secure two-way communication via the broadband network, all with the peace of mind that comes with coverage of over 99% of the population.

In the transportation industry, Rapid provides for enhanced operational management and safety with reliable coverage in areas not covered by traditional radio communications. The Rapid Command suite also delivers advanced functionality for managers with real time tracking and communication across all units and groups and the feature rich integration of Google Maps. For a range of government bodies and organisations, Rapid is a key communications tool providing for the instant and secure communications which are vital to coordination and management between central control staff and disparate teams in the field. For airport users, Rapid delivers reliable communication links which ground crews, baggage handling and cargo processing teams rely on for efficiency and safety. Effective voice and data communications are also vital to the construction industry, where many users have discovered the benefits of Rapid for the smooth management of deliveries, materials and equipment, as well as for deploying key teams and trades when and where they are needed. A broad variety of hospitality and events-based enterprises rely on two-way communications to coordinate staff and services in a fast moving, customer-focussed environment. Rapid’s PTT solutions have been successfully deployed in hotels, conference centres and stadiums for instant voice and data communication which improves the guest experience across housekeeping, special events and requests, safety, security and crowd control.

These industries represent just a sample of the types of business JNB Electronics have helped to grow and thrive through the use of effective communications. Whether it is waste management, retail, sales, technical support or any number of other enterprises, reliable and secure communication is often among the most important ingredients for success. PTT solutions, and the purpose-built Rapid protocol provide for a range of instant communications from secure group messaging to data transfer and voice calls. This can benefit any business which relies on effective communication between individuals and teams working together across large areas or in multiple locations.

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