How the Echo emergency feature guards both worker safety and privacy

Two of the major requirements of push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radios for professional users are ensuring an appropriate level of privacy while also providing the functionality to protect the safety and security of all of your team members. This emphasis on guarding worker safety is critically important in a range of situations where push-to-talk (PTT) radios are deployed to provide reliable, instant communication between groups and individuals spread across a wide geographical area, often including lone workers operating in remote areas. Worker safety is always a paramount concern in any industry and companies and organisations that rely on PTT solutions face specific challenges when health and safety cannot be monitored in a single physical location. In addition, many industries that require two-way radios for their communication needs also operate in potentially dangerous situations such as emergency response and security settings where significant risks need to be effectively managed on a daily basis.

As a provider of comprehensive and secure PPT Solutions, built to serve the needs of our customers, JNB Electronics provide the necessary functionality to meet these challenges through our revolutionary Rapid software technology and its innovative newly introduced EchoTM feature.

Where a company doesn’t have a requirement for location services during normal operations, but needs to know where a worker is when an emergency event is triggered, ECHO provides that functionality.

Echo provides remote workers with a simple to use emergency system which is activated at the push of a button when a hazardous situation arises. Like the wider Rapid system, Echo is designed to be flexible and can be configured to the specific needs of the organisation. When a user in distress activates the emergency feature, the desired safety protocols are immediately engaged. This allows for the central command centre to be instantly alerted of the emergency situation and easily locate the user on a real-time map in order to quickly coordinate the appropriate response. The mapped location and emergency status of the user who has activated the Echo feature can also be instantly shared with other field units to provide for a timely and optimum reaction to the emergency situation.

Echo delivers essential health and safety functionality as part of our complete PTT solutions and sends a signal only when a user in distress activates the emergency function. Once the response has been appropriately carried out and safety has been secured, Echo automatically deactivates location based tracking.

Rapid can provide a wide range of safety features including emergency alerts which protects the wellbeing of lone workers. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific communication needs.

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