Introducing Rapid Solutions

Rapid is the next generation of instant two-way communications which has been designed to solve the many challenges found in traditional land mobile radio. The technology has been built on a revolutionary all Australian Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®). Keeping our customers business in mind, the Rapid solution is designed to grow and expand with our customers’ needs without creating disruption to day to day operations.

Rapid provides exceptional performance in key areas of coverage, device battery life and accessibility of broadband high-speed voice and data capabilities, whilst maintaining the speed and “always on” capabilities so important to a two-way radio user.

In addition to providing superior voice quality, speed and coverage performance, the broadband data capability of a Rapid solution ensures our customers will have access to world class data capability if and when required, eliminating the need for duplicate investments or solutions. Rapid brings true device integration to the market. Additionally, ongoing updates and upgrades will ensure a future proof investment.

Expansion and enhancements are readily made by adding to the Rapid system licence without the need for expensive swap out of infrastructure. Better yet, the initial capital investment required for a Rapid deployment is significantly less than a typical land mobile networked solution. The Rapid solution ensures our customers are at the forefront of technologies and leveraging the ongoing and ever-increasing investments in the world of IP and carrier grade networks.



Get in touch today and ask us about our Rapid Solutions, email or call+61 3 9465 9399.

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