IRP® – A Future Without Limits

IRP® Intelligent Radio Protocol is innovative underlying technology enabling the next generation of instant two-way communications. IRP®  has been fully designed, developed and is supported out of Australia. This ground breaking protocol was designed by industry experts to improve performance in key areas of two-way communications while overcoming challenges existing technologies face.

IRP® delivers performance in the areas defined as critical requirements of any two-way communications solution.

  • One-to-many instant communications
  • Always on, no transmission set up delays
  • Instant connection
  • Low user effort required to operate, simple push to talk
  • Shared situational awareness
  • IRP® was created to address challenges land mobile radio (LMR) customers often face.
  • Coverage
  • Narrow band data capability
  • Narrow band voice quality
  • Device battery life
  • Spectrum limitations

IRP® is creating a path for two-way communications development accessible by new entrants. It is intended to energise the markets by creating opportunities for new and exciting solutions, creating innovation and choice for the loyal and growing customer base.

Program deliverables

  • Fully documented API’s including comprehensive user manuals
  • Access to future updates of the protocol as developed
  • Product support
  • Product customisation support

If you are interested in finding out more about the IRP technology licensing program contact Lanyon Partners at


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