JNB Electronics Rebrand

JNB Electronics is a leading Australian Technology innovation company which is one of the longest running secure communications technology companies in Australia, in operation since 1985.

The company has recently undergone a full rebrand and launched a new website to align itself to better serve its clients with todays’ rapidly evolving technologies and future investment.

Offering an extensive background in all types of secure communications technologies, JNB Electronics is one of the few companies that provides a complete end to end service offering including the latest high-speed voice and data solutions, advanced vehicle upfitting, repairs and service of all types of communications products.

JNB Electronics is a trusted name in Australian government agencies having operated at the highest levels within the industry for a prolonged period of time. You can rely on JNB Electronics to understand your security concerns and treat your sensitive information with integrity.

Visit our website regularly to stay up to date with the latest in secure communications news and innovations.

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