Tactical radio plays an important role in the nation’s defence.

Defence forces use a variety of tactical radios to leverage the best in radio technology to communicate both up and down the chain of command, as well as between individual personnel. Very-high-frequency (VHF) tactical radios, called combat net radios connect to a tactical internet with high-quality signals to create a ‘tactical internet’.

Although VHF radios are both human-portable and vehicle-mounted, they generally have a limited range. Thus, they’re a better option for communication along the chain of command than between individual defence personnel.

For individuals out on patrol, the tactical radio of choice is the personal role radio, a handheld unit that operates in the ultra-high frequency band. These radios, along with wide-band high frequency packs allow teams to coordinate tactics without hand signals or shouts.

Defence intelligence need to convey accurate locations and at times, weaponry to military personnel, for that reason, the world’s nations work hard to keep on the cutting edge of tactical radio technology.

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