How advanced two-way radio communications can improve your business operations

Across a broad range of industries two-way radio, and modern push-to-talk radio technology specifically, can deliver real improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. Push-to-talk radio technology represents the next generation in two-way communications and provides a range of advanced features which companies and organisations can leverage to improve their business operations.

Reliable, secure and flexible communication solutions are at the heart of achieving success in many business settings. A variety of team members, including those based in multiple locations and mobile working units, all need to work collaboratively and co-operatively in order to carry out their respective roles in your business operations and together they contribute to a smooth, joined-up and efficient working culture for the business as a whole.

Utilising the coverage, speed and high capacity of the broadband network, push-to-talk radio delivers reliable, high-quality communication on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. As a leading innovative force behind push-to-talk radio technology in Australia, JNB Electronics have developed Rapid, a specialised Australian owned Intelligent Radio Protocol® tailor-made for push-to-talk communications. This provides what our customers need to improve their business operations, including coverage of over 99% of the population for instant communication between all parts of your business.

In practice, this might include the requirement to maintain constant contact between key personnel within a plant, warehouse or construction site, or between staff working in various roles across a broader facility or campus. The ease, quality and reliability of push-to-talk communications all contribute to effective collaboration across key activities and improved outcomes for the business as a whole. On the construction site, for instance, the ease of use, reliability and functionality of push-to-talk radio communications can help co-ordinate key specialist trades, transport of materials and tools and to handle deliveries more efficiently to cut down waiting time and delays. In public-facing industries such as hotels, hospitality and event management, the features of push-to-talk can deliver improved customer satisfaction outcomes. By instantly linking up back office teams, front desk staff, housekeeping, security and any number of key roles you can provide a seamless flow of high-level services to your customers to meet their needs quickly and effectively.

In business contexts which necessarily operate across a broader geographical area, such as freight services and industries which rely on multiple mobile work units, push-to-talk communications also offer users significant benefits. The secure and reliable voice, messaging and data for one-to-one and one-to-many communications provides for constant updates on work requirements to teams out in the field to improve efficiency and time management. The Rapid solution also provides Rapid Command, a desktop application which provides managers with real-time tracking of their teams and devices out in the field, allowing them to co-ordinate the best possible response to developing conditions by, for example, redirecting teams around traffic issues or reassigning units to achieve improved efficiency or respond to changing priorities.

Contact us today to discuss how push-to-talk radio communications can be tailored to meet your specific needs and improve operations in your business.

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