Renta2Way Pty Ltd deliver leading edge two-way communications with Rapid’s high speed solutions

In partnership with JNB Electronics and their revolutionary Rapid technology, Renta2Way remain at the forefront of advances in two-way radio and are ideally positioned to offer their customers the best possible communications solutions. Renta2Way have always prided themselves on delivering the highest quality, most cost effective two-way radio solutions available and are pleased to offer new and existing customers all the advantages that Rapid provides. The tangible benefits of Rapid technology have translated into real results for Renta2Way. The superior capabilities of Rapid have helped them to retain existing clients and attract new customers, and they estimate that Rapid has been responsible for a 12% increase in their turnover since they began offering the technology. The advantages Rapid delivers make for a strong pitch and customers are now actively requesting the new technology.

In the words of Richard Brain, Director at Renta2Way:

“Since partnering with Rapid back in February 2019 Rapid PTT have not only met and surpassed our current clients’ ever growing requirements in areas previously unachievable but perhaps just as importantly attracted new business from organisations who previously didn’t have the budget for a dedicated wide area radio system due to the large infrastructure, licencing, and labour costs. The service and support received from the Rapid team is first class. In my opinion Rapid PTT is a game changer.”

Renta2Way’s services are relied upon for major occasions such as the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Grand Prix and a wide range of high profile events across the country. Instant communication is vital in these contexts to ensure smooth operations across areas including safety, security, catering and event logistics. Traditional land-based radio communications have provided a vital means of instant communication for users across a broad range of industries, particularly where rental providers such as Renta2Way have been able to provide their own private frequencies in addition to radio equipment itself. Traditional UHF band radio communication, however, comes with some inherent drawbacks and limitations, particularly in regard to the time and expense associated with the set-up process and the infrastructure required to ensure sufficient coverage.

Rapid provides all the functionality of traditional two-way radios which their customers need, with instant connections and crystal clear audio quality in addition to a whole host of advanced features which have simply not been possible before, from text and picture messaging to data transfer. Not only does Rapid provide a leading edge instant two-way radio solution for one-to-one and one-to-many communication, but the advanced Rapid command and control suite allows for easy and convenient management with optimum situational awareness. Among the many features Renta2Way and their customers value most highly are the real-time visual mapping capabilities with the functionality and user-friendly interface of Google maps.

They also value the simplicity of the Rapid system and the ease of set-up for any event requirements. Rapid provides reliable coverage via high-speed broadband networks and reaches 99% of the population without the need for costly additional infrastructure. This has allowed Renta2Way to meet and exceed their clients’ communications needs more cost-effectively and help them to control tight budgets. The speed and convenience of deploying Rapid has been beneficial to both end users and to Renta2Way themselves, allowing them to deliver superior radio services to more clients more quickly and more efficiently. The process of transitioning existing customers to Rapid has been smooth and there are no concerns over being left behind as the technology continues to develop. The Rapid solution has provided peace of mind with constant updates over the air meaning that every unit is always operating on the latest version of the technology. This has allowed Renta2Way to get ahead of the game and ensure they and their clients stay at the cutting edge of two-way communications.

Both Renta2Way and Rapid are very customer focussed and the flexibility of their services is a key aspect of both businesses. Renta2Way have been pleased with the speedy personalised service the Rapid team have provided and their extensive knowledge of the industry. This collaborative approach combined with locally-based support and up to the minute availability of new features has, in turn, allowed them to provide individually tailored solutions to meet each of their client’s unique needs.

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