Find out how your businesses can safeguard communications for the information age

The huge technological changes of the information age have been keenly felt in the business world across every industry.  Even in long-established industries which have traditionally been built around physical products or real-world, in-person services, digital technology and instant connectivity have revolutionised the way that we do business. The manufacturing, transport and service sectors, for instance, have all harnessed the power of information technology to operate more efficiently and effectively. This atmosphere has given us terms like ‘the knowledge economy’ and increasingly, business success is dictated by our ability to translate the opportunities offered by new technology into tangible benefits such as effective communication and, ultimately, smarter ways of working.

Of course, one of the major concerns organisations have about new technology and the broadband network is how they can safeguard the security of their communications and data. As leaders in providing customers with secure communication solutions since 1985, JNB Electronics have been at the forefront of innovations which have transformed two-way radios and brought them into the modern age. Primarily, we developed our own Intelligent Radio Protocol ®(IRP) – Rapid. This is specifically tailored to harness the power of the broadband network and provide high-speed, reliable, secure communication that delivers a wide range of functions and benefits which traditional two-way radios are simply not designed for.

The Rapid solution offers a number of benefits across three key applications:

Rapid Client is the easy to use interface which provides users with the power of the Rapid network on portable or mobile devices for high-quality voice and data communications. This includes features such as secure group messaging between individuals, selected groups or all users. There are a range of ways to share key information including text, data transfer and picture messaging. In terms of security, Rapid Client uses AES-256 rolling key encryption, while lost or stolen devices can be easily located and, if necessary disabled from a remote location.

Rapid Command is the higher level desktop application for management of your teams and devices out in the field across various locations. Utilising integration with Google maps, Rapid Command provides high-quality, real-time information on radio user locations and movements and the same access to instant voice communication and secure group messaging as Rapid Client with the same high encryption standards. In addition, fleet managers can also use Rapid Command to regroup users, monitor multiple groups and broadcast to multiple groups.

Rapid Provisioning represents the highest level of configuration and administration for the Rapid system and provides the highest levels of control over secure communication. The system allows for multiple log-ins and different levels of administrative access to be granted to various users. Depending on their level of access, system administrators are able to closely monitor use of the radio system across users and groups and access a range of security features such as the ability to ring-fence off communications between specific companies or user groups within the organisation so that sensitive information can only accessed by the appropriate people.

JNB Electronics always pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. One of our key values is making sure that our products and services are not only technologically advanced but also provide tangible benefits in terms of cost effectiveness and ease of integration along with the flexibility to meet your individual business needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a tailored package designed to benefit your business.

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